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Editorial Reviews. Book Description. Android Studio to Zipalign. About the Author . Mike Wolfson is a passionate mobile designer/developer working out of.
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Android Developer Tools Essentials Android Studio to Zipalign

I seriously doubt someone Compiled exe location with Delphi XE [Edit] Hi all, I know this is probably a dumb post but please bare with me on this! I've just upgraded from Delphi 5 to XE. When I complied a project in 5 the exe ended up in the same folder as the project files. How can I get it to behave like 5 did and place the compiled file in with my project files?

Just to give you some examples by far not an exaustive list : a UITableView doesn't align to the top when you use a navigation controller; upon selecting a row in a UITableView some buttons in the row disappear while the row is selected; specifying layout con Delphi service exe blocks a windows shutdown [Edit] I am using Delphi to create a typical TService to run as a service executable. There exist 2 such services now, one that actually stops and allows Windows XP shut down, the other one almost exactly the same code but this one does not allow Windows XP to shut down. The second one uses Microsoft SQL server maybe it is related to this.

I declared this: im: TImage; as a TForm variable.

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Put this in. Free; I then put this in: procedure TFrmScales. Create self ; im. Does Delphi XE5 firemonkey work on current Samsung tablets?

If so I will be very disappointed having invested thousands of pounds and a few hundred hours to adopt the technology on the promise I can now deploy to Android mobile devices. When I run even the most simple Hello World app I simply get a black screen on my brand new Samsung tablet. If this is the case developers need to know that I have been told today One of the most basic layouts tend to use the toolbar component with segmented speed buttons, and then applying the correct segmented style to each button.

However, there seems to be an issue with the iOS style. He has been in the software field for almost 20 years, and with Android since its introduction. Currently, he develops Android applications for the health care field. He has written a variety of successful apps, and is best known for the "Droid Of The Da Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review.

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Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. For instance, if your application compiles against the Android 4. Tip: If you have only one emulator running, you can build your application and install it on the emulator in one simple step.

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Navigate to the root of your project directory and use Ant to compile the project with install mode : ant install. This will build your application, sign it with the debug key, and install it on the currently running emulator. Before you can run your application on a device, you must perform some basic setup for your device:. Note: On Android 4. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options. Read Setting up a Device for Development for more information.

The -d flag specifies that you want to use the attached device in case you also have an emulator running. As you begin developing Android applications, understand that all Android applications must be digitally signed before the system will install them on an emulator or device.

There are two ways to do this: with a debug key for immediate testing on an emulator or development device or with a private key for application distribution. The Android build tools help you get started by automatically signing your.

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  • This means that you can compile your application and install it on the emulator without having to generate your own private key. However, please note that if you intend to publish your application, you must sign the application with your own private key, rather than the debug key generated by the SDK tools. The ADT plugin helps you get started quickly by signing your. This means that you can quickly run your application from Eclipse without having to generate your own private key. No specific action on your part is needed, provided ADT has access to Keytool.

    Please read Signing Your Applications , which provides a thorough guide to application signing on Android and what it means to you as an Android application developer.

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    The document also includes a guide to exporting and signing your application with the ADT's Export Wizard. Quicknav Quicknav. Results Loading Building and Running from the Command Line. Android Studio.


    Setting Up Virtual Devices. Using Hardware Devices. Setting Up Projects.