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Price: As you might expect, there is no single Yorkshire Dialect but, rather, a variety of speech patterns across the region. Actors, however, rarely distinguish between this form of speech and the dialects of the rest of the county. It can be extended westwards through Lancashire to the estuary of the River Lune, and is sometimes called the Humber-Lune Line. Strictly speaking, the dialects spoken south and west of this isophone are Midland dialects, whereas the dialects spoken north and east of it are truly Northern. It is possible that the Midland form moved up into the region with people gravitating towards the manufacturing districts of the West Riding during the Industrial Revolution.

The main differences between the two areas relate to the pronunciation of certain verbs. School, for example, is traditionally pronounced skoo-il or skoil to the south and west, and skeel or skale to the north and east.

Similarly, loaf, which has an almost standard pronunciation in the south and west, becomes lee-af or lay-af in the north and east, just as goose becomes gee-as. Perhaps the best known West Riding vowel form is the realization of o as in hole as oi. It has to be said, though, that for most Yorkshire speakers, this isophone has now drifted northwards to the Tees. It were lovely. Jill : What, what was nice about it?

What, what, what was? What did your, uh, dad do? What kind of work did he do? Jill : And what, what was that? Making nails, was it? Jill : What was turn, turning the rolls? What was it? Ivy : Pardon. What was that? What were they doing? Yes, when they were banging and, you know. Well, so was it shift work, then?

Did he do shift work, or? Jill : So was that a big, uhm, employer in Hunslet, that, uh? Ivy : You know, but, uh, it were big enough. Jill : Engineering? Jill : Were there? Jill : Tell, describe those to me. Were they, what, what, what were they like?


Ivy : Uh, well, I don't know, they were. We used, I don't know. Jill : Were they, were they Ivy : I can't, I don't know how to explain it. Jill : small, small family-run places? Jill : And what kind of tailoring? What sort?

K. M. Petyt

Jill : Did you? So did, did you train in that, then? Jill : Would you? It was like that, was it? It was easy to get a job, was it? Jill : So, what's been your favourite job, then? Ivy : I don't know, sewing, that's all I can think of. I loved it.

Yorkshire dialect

Ivy : Hmm Jill : So what, how far did you Ivy : enjoyed it. Jill : How far did you get in tailoring, then? What did, what did you get to? Jill : What was that?

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  • Jill : And what did your, your mother do? Did she work? Ivy : Yes, she was in tailoring. Jill : Was she? Ivy : She went there.

    The RP English Accent – What is it, how does it sound, and who uses it?

    Jill : What, uh, what kind of people were your parents? Ivy : Oh, they were all right, were my mam and dad. Yeah, smashing. Notes [1] Hunslet is an area of Leeds to the south of the city. This item is featured in: British Accents and Dialects. Explore further Related articles. Changing voices: An introduction to English language change over time Article by: Jonnie Robinson Theme: Changing voices: English over time Should a language be fixed in time or should it adapt and evolve to reflect social and political change?

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